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--Another WARNING-- with proof!!

  Take a look at the DVM..  This is after the power supply repair, and why I say "DANGER - HIGH VOLTAGE" and "Work One-Handed - Keep the other one in your pocket"


  This is also why it is a good idea to do all the electrical tests BEFORE plugin, and reform or replace the main filter capacitors before you let this lot loose.  If it flashes over... you get one massive bang..  The filter capacitors are 2x100uF in series giving 50uF with 850v sitting there..  you work out the stored energy.. (owch!)


And... If it flashes over through you...


Welcome to Kurri Kurri

Amongst the picturesque Hunter Valley,

Australia's Wine Country

  This site is currently under construction.  Come to think of it, it will most likely be this way for ever!! Some things are never finished until they are tweaked to destruction, then just tossed away and replaced... 

  If there is information here that you find useful, great.... if not, try again later and you never know what will be added or when.....

  If you have any comments, questions or need more information on anything you see here, please feel free to send me an email and I will be more than happy to respond.  It may take a little while to get a response as I don't check the email bucket every day.  My email address appears in the 'Contact' page, I would love to hear from you.

LIVE! - Status display from IRLP node 6732, here in Kurri Kurri.. And... Mike's node 6800 back in Katherine..


  Some of the equipment here, especially Boat Anchors and Tubed gear in general contain HIGH VOLTAGEs, some considered LETHAL, others give great perms and afro hairstyles.  Please consider the consequences of YOUR actions when working on this type of equipment.  Whilst some voltages are not considered lethal, look at how much junk is around whilst working, and if you happen to get belted, what objects you may damage yourself on with the quick withdrawal.  When working with live equipment, wear insulating (rubber sole) shoes and keep one hand in your pocket whilst working with the other.  This prevents an accidental shock travelling from the contact hand to the other grounded hand via the chest and heart.


  You should never work on "live" circuits unless you know AND USE safe working practices. Many circuits that derive power from the mains supply (and some that don´t) contain LETHAL voltages as well as other hazards. If you are unsure, SEEK QUALIFIED HELP.

Live circuits must only be worked on by fully competant personnel.


  RF burns HURT BAD.  Any object that is RF 'Hot' will burn you quickly.  As little as 5w of RF can and will burn to the bone! (how do you think a microwave oven works??)




Breaking News

18/07/2018 - Server and node now back after removal of the ADSL service and connection of the NBN.... Still won't glow though.. (but gets close!) .......................... Faster....