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Kurri Kurri,

New South Wales


email - vk2yld at dodo.com.au

REAL radios glow without smoke.

Yaesu FT-707 quick test after repairs... Was a dead receiver and PLL out of lock.
The repaired Otari MX-5050.  Power supply and control board faults all now good.  Lube and calibration done.


Testing the Marantz 3800 Pre-Amp after repair and replacement of an obsolete op-amp chip with a home made modern chip plugin.. Checkout the gallery pics...


  Using the repaired MX-5050 as audio source


Working on a Yaesu FT-200.  Receiver fault, ALC fault, dead transmitter and a general alignment followed by an on-air test


Yaesu FT-101E after receiver repair and faulty noise blanker repair.  Note the noise floor at +10dB/9 until noise blanker switched on drops the floor to S1 and you can hear the station in the distance comes up to S9 from nearly unreadable.
Before and after for a TEAC A3340 deck.  Bad switches, dead bearings, dry oil and grease turned to glue are just a few of this machines problems.  But with time all comes back to full working order again.
4 Channel testing time.  TEAC A3440 in record to lay down a track, then TEAC A3340 to play the track back and compare audio levels and quality...
All videos here shot with a crappy phone camera...  Enough said!

Revox B225 high end early model CD player proving the manual wrong...

This can play some CDRs and can run longer than 74mins..

See revox_cd page

Saja Export Mk5 tape player circa 1958...

Restoration completed with a quick blast of it playing alone and with external amplifier...

Audio is a bit rough as it was too load for the phone recording the video.

See saja-mk5 page

Yaesu FL-7000 has its final test after a rebuild of the final amplifier decks...

See FL-7000 page

Moving Peanut Gallery - Random Videos.