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Kurri Kurri,

New South Wales


email - vk2yld at dodo.com.au

REAL radios glow without smoke.

  Got this gem a little while ago as it reminded me of one that was in my family from new.  This unit is in surprisingly good condition, although it is a slightly newer model than the one we had by the serial numbers.  This is 19228 and ours is 08096.  I have not located a date in the cabinetry yet, but the speaker appears original and is dated 08-57.  It even has both stylii fitted and look, with a microscope, as near new!

  After pulling the radio section, inspection of the internals shows very little use and a good, clean condition.  I pulled the valves and a quick test shows the 6M5 is weak and drawing grid current, so it's rubbish.  The 6X4 is also weak and this results in low HT, so this one is swapped out but I don't have another 6M5 that is any good.  That will have to wait while the caps are replaced and the resistors checked.  All but 3 of the resistors checked were out of tolerance and so I decided to change all but the high wattage ones.  The electros reformed well and did so in less that 2 hours to leakage current less than 0.5mA.

   Alignment and mechanics on the changer to do next, then cleanup on the casing..


To be continued....

HMV Nippergram