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Kurri Kurri,

New South Wales


email - vk2yld at dodo.com.au

REAL radios glow without smoke.

  This node is based around an antique PC by anyone's standards.  It's a P2, 233Mhz with 512Mb RAM and not a lot else.  The beauty of running Linux, it runs on practically anything! The software is IRLP V7.02 running on a CentOS 4.7 Linux core with an IRLP V3 interface board.  The audio and control is handled by a RadioLab SR-2000 repeater controller (modified for simplex of course) feeding into a 25w Motorola M-120 radio.  The radio is a UHF 2 channel model and is basically standard, except (of course!) the antenna socket changed to a BNC instead of the mini UHF that is standard.  The node works into an Azden 7dBi 5/8 wave vertical antenna, mounted about 8m above the ground and fed with RG-213.  


  The node transmits time signals and Morse ID tones every 15 mins, with a 'Welcome' message on the half hour.  My node only downloads news broadcasts like the WIA News program and others but does not broadcast them, they are for play on demand transmission.  See controls page for the trigger codes.  IF the need arises, I may rebroadcast the WIA news, probably on Tuesday night at 8:00pm local time.  Nothing else is setup yet so I will see what others want to hear or do and alter the setup as necessary.


  Regular programmed connections from this node include the Adelaide reflector (9559 https://sites.google.com/a/vkradio.com/www/reflector9550-thevirtualpub%27sbackbar ) each night from 20:00 EST to 00:00 EST as this channel is cross connected to the Echo-Link system across to the Ireland Conference Server.  If anyone wants to use the node while this connection is up, just issue a '73' and then connect to whatever else you want.  Pleeeeze make sure no-one else is using it BEFORE you disconnect and be aware your 'anyone there' call will also pop out in Ireland!!!


  Note that this is an IRLP only node.  EchoLink calls cannot be made through this node yet.  Echolink functionality may be added at a later date. 


  When making a call, LISTEN to the call progress announcements to tell you what is happening during call setup and release, and whilst in a QSO, WAIT....WAIT.....WAIT!  When the incomming carrier drops, WAIT approx 4 secs for others to break in or disconnect, then fire up your TX and WAIT another 2 secs for the other end to begin transmitting before you start speaking or else the first word or 2 will be chopped off!!.  Please disconnect with '73' when you are finished with your call.


  If you make a call, give your callsign before you send DTMF, and ASK before dropping the link.. Thanks...




About Node 6732

Tune 439.150Mhz Simplex with 91.5Hz ctcss tone