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 The SAJA Mk5 (Export) was designed in 1957 (schematic drawn date) in West Germany, and this example was purchased by my parents in 1959, from 'Dickinsons of Pall Mall'.  Strange, still have the receipt(!) but I think the warranty is kaput by now.  This machine has done a heap of work and has been in storage for quite a few years now, so it has come to pass that it needs to be reborn.

  This is a 2 speed machine, 3 3/4ips or 7 1/2ips selected by the red button at the top-left.  Push abd turn to lock it in 7 1/2, release for 3 3/4.  The strange part is the non-standard maximum spool size of 5 3/4".  In the picture, the take-up spool is a BASF Professional 5" spool.

  The electronics of the machine consist of solid-state bridge B+ rectifier and 5 tubes.  EL84 output, ECC81 Pre-Amp, EF86 Head amp, EL95 Erase oscillator and an EM85 record level display 'Magic Eye'.  The Tell-Tale lamps on the front are run from the 6.3vAC filament line, and tell the operator what mode the machine is in.  There is 1 motor, driven from the 150v transformer tap.  A little puzzled why the 240v transformer tap is not fitted, but the others are as indicated maxing out at 220v.  Whilt this will work for the 240v supply around here, but the transformer will run hotter.

Sander & Janzen (SAJA) - MK5 Taperecorder(s)