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IRLP Node 6732 - DTMF Control Codes

 more here shortly (still scripting..)



      # #        - Will tell you the local time (if your watch is bust!)

      **       - Will read you the last 3 lines from the system log (in case of command errors)

      **(1-9)  - Will read the last 1-9 lines from the system log (**6 = 6 lines)

      1*xxxx -  The time at node xxxx (that nodes local time)

      2*xxxx -  Node xxxx's status ( like "IDLE for 2hours, 3 minutes, 20 seconds")

      3*xxxx -  Node xxxx's Details - Location, frequencies & callsign

      751       - Katherine River level at the Stuart Highway Bridge

      752       - Katherine River catchment area data

      753       - Victoria River level at Victoria River Roadhouse Crossing

      754       - Cullen River level at Stuart Highway bridge

      756       - Rainfall at Tindal from 9.00 am

      757       - Current Temperature at Cessnock NSW

      758       - Full observation report from Tindal AWS

      759       - Katherine Temperature

      710       - Ping test an internet connection from node (interactive session)

      9           - yes... dial '9' for information! (Voice explaining DTMF codes etc)

      91         - DTMF control info ONLY

      *69        - Respond to a call-waiting (drops current link and reconnects to calling node)

      903       - Play WIA News Broadcast ** Runs for 30 Mins, callbacks automatically triggered **

      908       - Play latest Q-News ** Runs about 10 Mins **

    #1nnnn   - Reads the weather at the closest automatic weather station to Postcode nnnn

    #2nnnn   - Current temperature at AWS closest to Postcode nnnn

    #3nnnn   - Recorded rainfall at AWS closest to Postcode nnnn

    #4nnnn   - Weather almanac for area closest to Postcode nnnn


  And of course, the usual xxxx for IRLP node xxxx.


** Note that this is an IRLP only node.  EchoLink calls cannot be made through this node. 

Please disconnect with '73' when you are finished.